Sticky flock stencil template material, and hotfix acrylic tape

Rhinestone stencil material and hotfix acrylic tape

Making rhinestone stencil templates
We offer two stencil template materials.

Our standard template material is recommended for use with larger cutters and produces very durable templates. This material is available by the metre.

For those using craft cutters such as the Silhouette Cameo and Cricut we recommend our high quality white sticky flock which is very easy to cut and use. The sticky flock is supplied in 50 x 30 cm pieces which are an ideal size to use on the 30 x 30 cm cutting mat of the Cameo.

Acrylic tape
We offer a high quality acrylic tape which is available in 5 and 100 metre rolls. The tape is very competitively priced and works perfectly with both of our template materials.

Hotfix rhinestones and rhinestuds
Once you have your stencil material and acrylic tape you will also need some hotfix rhinestones and rhinestuds!

We offer a wide range of sizes and colours -

Hotfix rhinestones

Hotfix rhinestuds and nailhead stars and hearts