Sticky flock rhinestone template material

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White 'sticky flock' material on carrier film for making rhinestone/rhinestud stencils. Easily cut with the Silhouette Cameo and other cutters.

Supplied in 50 x 29 cm sheets which are ideal for use on the 30 cm Cameo and Cricut cutting mats.

Order number   Quantity
62RSF15301 1 sheet pack
62RSF55302 5 sheet pack 

Cutting guide
As a general guide the sample templates we show on this page were cut with a Silhouette Cameo using a blade setting of 9 and force of 33. We recommend that you always do test cuts to determine the best setting for your cutter.

Once you have cut the template gently peel back a corner of the flock and pull it off the clear carrier sheet. The flock has a sticky backing so you can then put onto some stiff card if you wish.