Dae Ha HTV Premium Glitter Portrait strip

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Dae Ha HTV Premium Glitter Portrait strip
Made from real glitter flakes, the Dae Ha world leading "textured" glitter film is available in a range of eye catching colours.
With a stunning deep sparkle effect, the unique to Dae Ha production process ensures there is no glitter loss, wash after wash, for exceptional quality and durability.
Create head turning designs with this unrivalled real glitter film. This film is textured NOT imitation glitter. Great for fashion, dance, cheerleading, party and leisure wear.

A thinner and softer feel ensures a luxurious and comfortable feel to the end garment. An adhesive backing enables fine cutting and aides registration.

Suitable for cotton, polyester, mixtures of polyester/cotton and polyester/acrylic or similar textiles.

Glitter film is not suited to ultra fine detail. All Glitter colours contain traces of minute black flakes.
NEW - EN71-3:2019 Certified
  25+ 1+
All colours except white and pink holographic - strip 22.5 x 50 cm 1.94  2.15
White and pink holographic - strip 22.5 x 50 cm 2.19 2.43
We offer discounts on total orders of over 25 strips (colours can be mixed) from the Dae Ha glitter range. The discounted amounts will be shown in your shopping cart.  
This glitter film can also be purchased by the metre for all standard cutters and in 50 x 29 cm wide strips for the Silhouette Cameo/Cricut.
We are authorised Silhouette distributors so check out our Silhouette page to see our range of these fantastic cutters!
Cut your text or design in reverse and weed out excess film.

Set your heat press to 160C to 170C.

Apply medium and even pressure across your transfer.

Press for 15 seconds.

Peel the release liner when it is hot / warm / cool. 

All information is given as guideline. We always recommend that you perform a test cut and print prior to production.
40C standard. Can be tumble dried on a low setting and ironed inside out. No glitter loss wash after wash.
Roll Width  500 mm
Film Thickness 300 micron Glitter film. 40 micron hot melt adhesive (standard colours). 60 micron hot melt adhesive (neon & white colours). Tolerance +-50 microns.
Storage Conditions Store in an upright position, away from direct sunlight. 10C to 25C
Layering No
Sublimation printable No