Transfer Remover spray

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Transfer Remover sprayHowever careful you are accidents can sometimes happen.

When you are applying garment vinyl and you suddenly realise that something has gone very wrong with your carefully planned design that is the moment when you will wish you had a can of our Transfer Remover to hand!

When disaster strikes .... simply shake the can, spray, wait 1-2 minutes and remove the faulty vinyl.

Please note that this spray is developed to work with our range of Plotterflex garment vinyl. It may work with garment vinyls from other suppliers - we can offer no guarantee that it will and advise that you run tests using the relevant material(s) before use.

Please note that due to Royal Mail regulations on the shipping of some aerosol products we have to ship this item via DPD. It cannot be sent by post so you will only be offered DPD shipping options in your shopping cart.

Order number
89TTR00001 Transfer Remover spray 400 ml can 

Application instructions
Shake aerosol can well before use, spray directly onto the vinyl you wish to remove from both directions, wait at least one minute but no longer than two minutes, remove the vinyl from the fabric.

Be sure to follow all the safety instructions on the can.