Frog juice

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Frog juiceFrog Juice is a clear acrylic liquid laminate used for the protection of prints and signage and even in the harshest of environments it can protect for up to 7 years (performance enhanced by repeated applications).

Frog Juice is suitable for use on both vinyl lettering/signs and on dye sublimation printed outdoor signage. Supplied in an aerosol can which has a coverage of up to 3 sq metres.  
  • Enhances gloss level of prints from sublimation printing.
  • Protects from ultra violet exposure.
  • Prevents fading and scratching.
  • Does not go yellow.
  • No catalyst needed.
  • Glossy finish and increases colour intensity. 
  • Spray apply, dries in 15-30 minutes.
Please note that due to Royal Mail regulations on the shipping of some aerosol products we have to ship this item via DPD. It cannot be sent by post so you will only be offered DPD shipping options in your shopping cart.

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89TFJ00001 Frog juice 300 ml can 

Application instructions
Full instructions for use are shown on the can. Always do a test piece until you have mastered the technique. It is for the end user to determine if Frog Juice is suitable for each individual job.

Frog Juice can be overcoated as soon as 5-10 minutes (depending on climate conditions), two weeks or even one year after the first application.