Flat presses

The Transfer Press are delighted to partner with Adkins to offer a full range of presses to suit the requirements of garment and gift decorators using a wide range of processes.
The Basic range is a range of reliable straight-forward machines, very popular for beginners, smaller users and educational establishments. The same high engineering and manufacturing standards are applied to these machines as the top of the range models and they carry the same comprehensive warranty as all the other machines we offer.
The Studio range are a more “industrial” range, built with heavy use in mind and the new EZ press offers a range of detachable tables including a shoe table.
For users needing large format and roll presses we offer Adkins Alpha and Omega ranges with options to cope with the highest output and up to 1.6 metre wide prints.
Adkins Studio Twin Table Clam Press just £650.00 plus VAT. 
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For more advice on the machine that would best suit you give us a call on 01404 892995 or contact us via our Contact Form.
Basic manual A4 clam press A4 239.00 Info
Basic mini 66 15 x 15 cm 219.00 Info
Basic manual clam 38 x 38 cm 325.00 Info
Basic manual clam 40 x 50 cm 399.00 Info
Basic swing away with pressure sensor 40 x 50 cm 725.00 Info
Basic auto clam 38 x 38 cm 575.00 Info
Basic auto clam 40 x 50 cm 650.00 Info
Basic slide out auto clam 38 x 38 cm 399.00 Info
Basic slide out auto clam 40 x 50 cm 450.00 Info
Basic single table pneumatic 40 x 60 cm 1,259.00 Info
Basic twin table
40 x 50 cm 1,650.00 Info
Studio auto clam 38 x 38 cm 799.00 Info
Studio EZ auto clam 40 x 50 cm 849.00 Info
Basic swing away 4-in-1 with flat, cap, plate and 11oz mug element 29 x 38 cm 495.00 Info
Basic auto cap and pocket press Pocket platen (8 x 13 cm) & cap platen (15 x 15 cm) 595.00 Info
Our best selling Adkins heat press
Omega 750v2 80 x 109.5 cm 4,199.00 Info
Omega 1000 twin table 38 x 50 cm (x2) 4,199.00 Info
Alpha Roll Master 1.2 m
168 drum
10,499.00 Info
Alpha Roll Master 1.6 m
420 drum
26,500.00 Info