Heat Presses

Adkins flat heat presses
Adkins mug presses
Adkins cap presses
We are distributors for Adkins, the UK's leading manufacturer of heat presses. We offer the Basic range of presses which offer reliable no frills machines engineered to high standards and also the Studio range for the heavier “industrial” user.

Our own great value multi-function mug press kit which comes complete with six elements for pressing the following -
1.5 oz shot glass
2.5 oz mini mug 
6-10 oz mug
11-15 oz mug
12 oz latte mug
17 oz latte mug
The press features fully digital temperature control, an automatic digital timer, a solid steel welded framework. The heating elements have a soft liner and can be quickly and easily changed to accommodate a very wide range of shapes and sizes of mugs, glasses and other drinking containers.
Multi function mug press kit