Fabrics by the metre and the roll

Many of you who buy our polyester fabric products have asked if you can just buy the fabric from us and we have three of the fabrics available for purchase by the metre.
Fabric Description Used for
Bi-stretch polyester Lightweight 100% polyester Standard aprons
Polyester twill Mediumweight 100% polyester Polyester twill cushion covers
Cotton-feel polyester Premium 'cotton feel' 100% polyester fabric Premium aprons, pillowcases and napkins
We also offer a range of top quality 100% polyester fabrics including two weights of artist's canvas, a multipurpose ripstop fabric and a soft suede feel fabric.
Canvas heavyweight Heavyweight 500 gsm 100% polyester artist's canvas
Canvas artist's canvas Mediumweight 300 gsm 100% polyester artist's canvas
Ripstop 100% polyester ripstop fabric, 60 gsm
Polyester suede   100% polyester suede feel fabric, 250 gsm
All the fabrics are 100% polyester for dye sublimation printing.
We have a swatch set available for all the fabrics so please complete our fabric swatch request form if you would like one mailed to you.
If you require other fabrics then please contact us as we may well be able to source what you require.