Mug presses

We offer our own multi-function presses and the Adkins Basic range of mug presses.
Our own machines come in two options – the two element option and our six element special which enables you to decorate a huge range of our imprintable range from shot glasses and espresso mugs through lattes up to pint mugs as well as the standard mugs and water bottles.
The Adkins basic range offers four options including machines which can do 5 mugs at the same time and a 4-in-1 press with four elements. They all offer the same high engineering and manufacturing standards as the rest of the Adkins range.
For more advice on the machine that would best suit you give us a call on 01404 892995 or contact us via our Contact Form.
Basic manual mug press 11 oz element 125.00 Info
Multi-function mug press kit with 6 elements 1.5 oz shot glass, 2.5 oz mini mug, 6-9 oz mug, 10-15 oz mug, 12 oz latte mug, 17 oz latte mug/Java elements 299.00 Info
Mug press with two elements
6-10 oz and 11-15 oz elements
179.00 Info
Basic 4-in-1 Manual mug press with 9 oz, 11 oz, and 2 latte elements 239.00 Info
Basic 5 station mug press For 10 oz and 11 oz mugs 650.00 Info
Swing away 4-in-1  4-1 press with flat, cap, plate and 11 oz mug elements 495.00 Info
Our multi-function mug press with six elements