Software Action Illustrated

Action Illustrated design software and clipart collection


The Action Illustrated editing software and range of high quality vector graphics allows you to produce production-ready artwork within a matter of minutes and can save you 100s of hours of your valuable time each year.

The complete artwork collection is one of the largest in the industry with a total of 25,000 individual pieces of clipart and over 1,200 editable templates if you purchase all the volumes.

At the centre of the Action Illustrated system is the Instant Designer software which allows you to quickly and easily edit templates, add/change clipart (including adding your own to the searchable database) and change colours and text effects at the click of a mouse.

You can view all the collections of templates and clipart online before you purchase (see the individual product pages for links). All volumes are supplied on disc for loading onto your computer and we also supply a wiro-bound A4 book with all the designs for you to show to customers.

Have a look at the video below for a quick overview of just how fast it is to produce stunning results with this system.