Instant Designer Software

Special prices now on all Action Illustrated template and clipart collections.

Action Illustrated Instant Designer Version 3.0 is the fastest way to customise artwork for your clients, the features include -

Template Browser

Easily search through all your Action Illustrated Artwork volumes by keyword.

Import non-Action Illustrated artwork and apply keywords.

Instant Designer Template Editor

Includes a Text Editor that changes the text while maintaining curves and outlines. Allows you to change the template artwork while maintaining size and placement. Includes a colour features to instantly replace colours without the need to ungroup each piece.

Extra Text Design Feature

Easily create custom text in CorelDraw with arches and double outlines.

New Product Blanks

Blanks for t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, bags, hats, mugs and more are included with your Instant Designer software and you can quickly and easily add more blanks of your own.

Customisable Order Form

Add your company logo, information and pricing to the included order form.

Instant Distress Feature

Instantly add a 'distressed' overlay to any design.


Action Illustrated Instant Designer Version 3.0 only works in the full versions of CorelDraw X4, X5, X6 and X7.

Instant Designer Version 3.0 may be installed on two computers.