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New Virtuoso Print Manager

New Virtuoso Print Manager

If you currently use CreativeStudio, please visit the Sawgrass website to learn how to replace CS Print Manager with the Virtuoso Print Manager, so that you can take advantage of the most-up-to-date printing features CreativeStudio has to offer. The update option is available once you have logged in and selected the CreativeStudio option.

This free upgrade of the print manager replaces the PowerDriver and is available for Windows operating systems for all printer sizes (A4, A3 and 25"), there is not currently a MAC option for the 25" VJ628 printer.

Virtuoso Print Manager also now enables VJ 628 users to access and print with CreativeStudio (Windows operating systems only).


Print from CreativeStudio online designer

Though tablets and mobile devices can be used to create designs via CreativeStudio Online Designer, your creations need to print from a computer running Virtuoso Print Manager.

  • Virtuoso Print Manager is a program you install on your computer that enables your Virtuoso printer to receive CreativeStudio files for print.
  • This program has been designed to work specifically with CreativeStudio Online Designer and Virtuoso printers to ensure optimal colour accuracy and print quality.
  • After you set up your Virtuoso printer, just download, install and register Virtuoso Print Manager for access to CreativeStudio Online Designer.
Customisable pre-sets
Any and all print settings - including substrate, paper, hue, contrast, brightness, saturation, mirror and even print quantity - can be customised and saved for future use. If you have a customer who likes stronger reds or more colour saturation - no problem! Simply adjust the print settings to get the colours to your customerís liking and save them as a custom pre-set for future use.

Advanced colour controls
Easily apply settings optimal for graphic images and colour/ or black-and-white photos. Adjust the hue, contrast, brightness and saturation to meet the needs of even your most selective customers. 

Easy and efficient prints on-demand
Productivity features, such as mirror image and built-in settings for popular substrates and transfer papers, get you up and running quickly. Streamline repeat orders with custom pre-sets and hot folders. With a single click of the mouse, you can quickly send jobs to print and be sure the colours will be right. 

Built-in utilities and resources
To help you keep your Virtuoso system running at its best, Virtuoso Print Manager offers handy, built-in utilities, such as nozzle check and head cleaning commands. When you need additional help, technical, educational and remote resources are just a click away. 

Multilingual User interface with help assist feature
You can configure the Virtuoso Print and Colour Manager user interface to your preferred language: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German or Turkish. The Help Assist feature makes Virtuoso Print Manager even easier to use. Simply place your mouse pointer over a button or menu to see a brief description of functions and how to make a selection.

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