Yoga mats for dye sublimation

(Code: 31YMT22185)
Yoga mats :
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Our premium quality yoga mats for dye sublimation printing.

The mats have a soft suede feel top and an anti-slip, high quality, black rubber backing which has good resilience to cushion joints during exercise.

The mats are available in 2mm and 5mm thickness in two sizes.

Order number    Thickness   Size
31YMT12173 2mm
  1730 x 610 mm  
31YMT22185 2mm
1850 x 680 mm  
31YMT35173 5mm
1730 x 610 mm  
31YMT45185 5mm
1850 x 680 mm  
Pressing instructions

Our sample here was pressed at 190c for around 80 seconds using a medium/strong pressure. After pressing you will find that if you run your hands over the printed area a few times that the pile of the fabric will come back up resulting in the pressing lines not being obvious. 

We would suggest running a lint roller over the surface of the mat before pressing.