Wunderbars stretcher bars

Wunderbars stretcher bars

Wunderbars is a revolutionary framing system for creating canvas wraps. These easy to use bars provide a quick and simple solution for stretching canvas without the need for specialist tools or skills.

The unique design of the bars ensure that regardless of the hanging environment the canvas will remain under constant tension, eliminating sagging and rippling. Wunderbars constant tension stretcher bars are easier to construct and stretch than traditional stretchers. Each bar is precision machined so that when the frame is put together it is square, eliminating the need to constantly keep tapping it to keep it square before stretching. Unlike other stretching systems there is no need for expensive machinery or devices, the only tool needed is a staple gun.

The Wunderbars unique self-tensioning corner blocks ensure that there is no sagging canvas, it always stays taut and will contract and expand to the room’s temperature and humidity. The special tensioning corner blocks eliminate the need for wedges making for a cleaner finish on the rear of the frame. Due to the way Wunderbars work the frames can be re-used by stripping off the old canvas and re-setting the corner blocks by reinserting the holding pin.

Wunderbars White

The most popular stretcher bar in the Wunderbars range. Made from FSC Scandinavian pine and with a chunky profile of 33 mm x 46 mm Wunderbars White is ideal for all canvas stretching projects. Wunderbars White are available in pairs (including two spring clips) of each size to allow you to mix and match your canvas sizes.

Wunderbars Tulipwood

The original Wunderbars created from high quality hard wood, Tulipwood (American Poplar) with a large profile of 33 mm x 57 mm is the ideal choice for a professional finish. Wunderbars Tulipwood are available in pairs (including two spring clips) of each size to allow you to mix and match your canvas sizes.

Wunderbar Hooks

Available in pairs for hanging your completed canvas.

Order Number Style
84TCB11082 Tulipwood canvas bars 8" - pair
84TCB12102 Tulipwood canvas bars 10" - pair
84TCB13122 Tulipwood canvas bars 12" - pair
84TCB15162 Tulipwood canvas bars 16" - pair
84WCB21082 White canvas bars 8" - pair
84WCB22102 White canvas bars 10" - pair
84WCB23122 White canvas bars 12" - pair
84WCB24142 White canvas bars 14" - pair
84WCB25162 White canvas bars 16" - pair