Square glass clock - pack of two

(Code: 23MGC20201)
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A glass clock for dye sublimation printing. This square mirrored clock is intended to be free-standing and comes with a mirrored outer area which already has the hours marked so all you have to do is add your image into the centre of the clock.

This clock measures 20 x 20 cm and is sold in packs of two and comes complete with clock mechanism and hands.

Order Number  Style
23MGC20201 Square mirrored clock 
Pack of two

Pressing instructions

Do not mirror image when printing out your transfer

Square clock - pressing time 3 minutes at 190 c with medium pressure. 

Lay transfer on base of press and place the clock on top (white side down) covered with a sheet of plain paper. Remove from press when pressing time is complete and turn over onto uncoated side to allow to cool.

This product is very hot when removed from the press, ensure that you wear protective gloves (or similar) and have a heatproof surface to place it onto to cool.