Special offer animal handle mugs

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Special offer animal handle mugs
Special offer animal handled mugs. Limited quantities at just 95p each.

A selection of 11oz animal handled mugs for dye sublimation printing.  80 mm diameter, 100 mm high.

Animals available are cow, tiger, zebra (the box has a label saying horse but we believe it to be a zebra!), dog and rabbit (now sold out).

Supplied in a colourful box.

We would suggest hand washing for these mugs. 

Pressing instructions 
This item is suitable for pressing with our multi-function mug press using the appropriate element and the recommended timings. 

It is also suitable for pressing in any mug press that is suitable for a mug of this diameter.

See our mug wraps page for details of compatible mug wraps for this mug. Pressing time using our mug wraps in a conventional/mug oven is around 15 minutes at 190-200 centigrade however mug ovens can vary and this is only a general guideline.