Sign vinyl, app tape, Frog Juice, weeding tool

Sign vinyl


A good value sign vinyl with a 3-5 year outdoor durability suitable for external signage and interior decorating and craft projects.

Supplied on a backing paper this sign vinyl is very easy to cut and weed and is available by the metre. It is suitable for cutting in all standard cutters including the Silhouette Portrait and the Silhouette Cameo.

Available in 14 colours including metallic gold and silver.


Application tape for transferring your cut designs onto your chosen surface. Available in 12.5 cm, 30 cm and 60 cm wide rolls.


Frog Juice is a clear acrylic liquid laminate used for the protection of prints and signage and even in the harshest of environments it can protect for up to 7 years (performance enhanced by repeated applications).

Frog Juice is suitable for use on both vinyl lettering/signs and on dye sublimation printed outdoor signage. Supplied in an aerosol can which has a coverage of up to 3 sq metres.  

  • Enhances gloss level of prints from sublimation printing.
  • Protects from ultra violet exposure.
  • Prevents fading and scratching.
  • Does not go yellow.
  • No catalyst needed.
  • Glossy finish and increases colour intensity. 
  • Spray apply, dries in 15-30 minutes.


An essential tool for use with sign vinyls to allow you to quickly and easily weed out your cut material.