Ricoh A3 and A4 printers

Ricoh A4 and A3 printer packages

All of our Ricoh printer packages come complete with Sawgrass inks and PowerDriver and ICC colour profiles for colour management.

All Ricoh printers are covered by Sawgrass PartnerPlus which is a comprehensive user support program that fully guarantees Sawgrass’ premium SubliJet digital transfer inks against performance issues or defects. PartnerPlus covers any Ricoh supported printer during its original warranty period.

You also get access, via the Sawgrass website, to a wide range of support materials and downloads.

Please note that our Ricoh packages do not include access to CreativeStudio and the Virtuoso Print Manager - these are included only with the Virtuoso range of A4, A3 and 25" printers.

There is an overview of what you get in the various packages below - if you would like some guidance on the best option for your business please give us a call on 01404 892995.

Ink delivery
A4 printers
Virtuoso SG400 A4 Standard cartridges Y Y Y  429.00
Ricoh SG3110DN A4 Standard cartridges N Y Y 265.00
A3 printers
Virtuoso SG800 A3 Standard cartridges Y Y Y 1,259.00
Virtuoso SG800 A3 High capacity cartridges     Y Y Y 1,324.00
Ricoh SG7100DN   A3 Standard cartridges N Y Y 710.00
Ricoh SG7100DN A3 High capacity cartridges N Y Y 790.00
Ricoh SG7100DN A3 High capacity cartridges
Includes Super A3 bypass tray
Free pack Super A3 True Pix paper 
N Y Y 925.00
We are currently unable to source Ricoh SG71000 printers so these packages are out of stock at present.