Photo slate 14 x 14 cm

(Code: 37SLS15151)
Very attractive slate tile for dye sublimation printing, the printable surface is matt and the 'natural' edges give a great look and feel to the finished product. 

The tile has an overall size of 14 x 14 cm and comes complete with two sturdy feet and a good quality presentation box.

Order Number 
37SLS15151  Photo slate

Pressing instructions
Pressing time 8 minutes at 200 c with medium pressure.

Lay the transfer on base of press and place the slate on top (white side down) covered with a sheet of plain paper. Remove from press when pressing time is complete and turn over onto uncoated side to allow to cool.

This product is very hot when removed from the press, ensure that you wear protective gloves (or similar) and have a heatproof surface to place it onto to cool.