HTV garment vinyl, weeding tools and remover spray

We are often asked what is the easiest method for transferring plain colour names, numbers and logos onto t-shirts, particularly black and dark coloured ones.
The simple answer is a cutter (the Silhouette Portrait and Cameo are great starter cutters which both come with some excellent free cutting software) and our Plotterflex t-shirt HTV vinyl.
A very thin and flexible film with a matt surface (except some metallics), very easy to weed and excellent for cutting small lettering and detailed designs. Metallic and flourescent finishes are available.
All are ideal for multiple layers and have a clear carrier to aid accurate application. Suitable for application onto cotton, polyester and polycotton t-shirts, sweatshirts, sportswear, bags, lanyards and more. 
Available by the metre for use in all standard plotter cutters or in strips for the Silhouette Portrait and Cameo cutters.  

A weeding tool is essential for use with both garment and sign vinyls which allows you to quickly and easily weed out your cut material.
For when it all goes wrong! A remover spray that you use to remove mis-applied garment vinyl.
We have detailed instructions for the application of plotterflex on our PDF file.
Download the PDF file