Guitar pick

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Guitar pick
A light gauge guitar pick for dye sublimation printing.

Printable on one side only this satin white IronClad™ sublimation coated plastic pick measures 25 x 26 mm (maximum) and makes a great promotional item for music venues, shops and entertainers.

This pick is a great companion for our popular slipmats (see related items below).

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Pressing instructions
Remove the protective coating from the pick - the printable side always has a protective coating, the non printable side may have a coating as well. The shiny/glossy side is the imaging side.

Using a small piece of heat tape secure the pick to the transfer along the edge of one side only, use the smallest piece of heat tape that you can. The pick can shrink very slightly during the pressing process and if you use tape on both sides it can lead to the pick distorting.

Press for one minute at 205° using a heavy pressure.

When the pressing time is over remove from the press, remove the transfer, lay on a sheet of clean paper and cover with a heavy flat item such as a ceramic tile for at least 60 seconds to prevent the pick distorting while it cools.