Glass chopping board

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Glass chopping board
  • Glass chopping board
  • Glass chopping board
Our top quality tempered glass chopping boards for dye sublimation printing. 

The chopping boards are available in three sizes/shapes and the white dye sublimation coating on the base of the board ensures a colourful and durable result. All have a 'chinchilla' finish on the glass.

The chopping boards are supplied with four self adhesive plastic feet in a strong white cardboard presentation box with a front viewing area. 

Order Number Size
23GCB20281 28 x 20 cm 
23GCB28391 28 x 39 cm
23GCB30301 30 cm 
23GCB28399 28 x 39 cm
Pallet of 40 cases 
480 boards *

Please note if you want to order the 40 box pallet please place your order and we will then contact you to advise the shipping cost. Alternatively during working hours use our Live Chat option to check the shipping cost with us.

Pressing instructions
Pressing time 4 minutes at 200 c with medium pressure. Do not mirror image when printing out your transfer.

Lay transfer on base of press and place the chopping board on top (white side down) covered with a sheet of plain paper. Remove from press when pressing time is complete and turn over onto uncoated side to allow to cool.

This product is very hot when removed from the press, ensure that you wear protective gloves (or similar) and have a heatproof surface to place it onto to cool. Add feet (supplied) when cold.