The Package
Software and support
Be creative like never before with the Sawgrass FabricMaker fabric decorating system, the only fully integrated system designed specifically for printing directly onto cotton fabric sheets using FabricMaker-HD inks and Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 printers.

FabricMaker printed cotton sheetsDesigned with quilters and creative makers in mind, FabricMaker makes the technology used in professional digital textile printing accessible and affordable for everyone.

The pigment-based inks bind to specially designed fabric sheets that enable quilters, crafters, artisans and creative businesses to easily produce soft, saleable fabrics that stand up to use and washing.

With Virtuoso's low start-up costs, FabricMaker-HD's low imaging costs and the CreativeStudio curated library of thousands of templates and images, this Virtuoso system is ideal for designers, quilters and other creative makers who are looking to make innovative products customers will love.

The FabricMaker digital fabric printing system includes everything you need to start printing your own commercial quality custom fabric - a printer, inks, cotton sheets, design software and support from Sawgrass.
The FabricMaker package
  • A Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 A4 colour inkjet printer
  • FabricMaker-HD professional textile inks, a full set of black, magenta, cyan and yellow
  • A pack of Fabricmaker 100% cotton percale inkjet fabric ‐ 25 Sheets per pack ‐ 8.5" x 11"
  • CreativeStudio Online Designer software
  • FabricMaker ICC colour management profiles and PowerDriver
  • Full support from Sawgrass and The Transfer Press

FabricMaker cotton sheetsSawgrass Virtuoso SG400 printer
Sawgrass Virtuoso printers are the only inkjet printers built specifically for digital decorating and feature a faster throughput for greater productivity and profit potential. Up to 600 x 1200 dpi for dazzling HD photo-quality reproduction. Includes 1-year warranty.

FabricMaker-HD Ink
Newly formulated ink with higher yield and larger colour gamut. Wow your customers with more vibrant, accurate colours. Lower imaging costs.

FabricMaker fabric sheets
FabricMaker fabric sheets are made from high-quality, quilt-weight 100% cotton and backed with paper for trouble-free printing. An essential part of the complete FabricMaker digital fabric printing system, these sheets are designed to feed continuously through the Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 printer so you can print your design directly onto the fabric.

These fabric sheets are manufactured with a special binder designed to bond with the FabricMaker commercial-grade textile inks. When heat set with a hand iron or heat press, the binders activate to create permanent coloration that is both vivid and washable.

FabricMaker sheets are available in 8.5” x 11” sheets and sold in packs of 25 - the perfect size to make soft, touchable and washable memory quilts, coasters, pouches, purses and more!
The FabricMaker package includes access to a range of colour management and design options.

The CreativeStudio easy-to-use online designer and stock design library is included in the cost of your package. You can create designs from your computer or tablet on any operating system. There are hundreds of templates and thousands of images to choose from. The CS Print and Colour Manager is included so that you can quickly and easily print out your creations. With Creative Designer you need never buy desktop graphics software or clip art.

CreativeStudio comes complete with CS Print and Colour Manager for Windows and Mac operating systems, the manager is designed specifically to enable SG400 printers to print graphics created in CreativeStudio Online Designer.

PowerDriver v4
If you choose not to use CreativeStudio then Sawgrass also offer PowerDriver v4 which is a powerful and easy-to-use print and colour management desktop software for Corel and Adobe (Windows OS).

PowerDriver v4 for Windows OS: Works with desktop graphic design programs – such as Adobe products and CorelDRAW – applying colour and print management for optimised printing with FabricMaker-HD inks and sublimation substrates.

MacProfile with Swatch Palette for Mac OS: Enables images created with desktop graphic design programs for Mac OS to print in rich, vibrant colour across a wide variety of image types through printers.

Total system support for your printer, ink and software - all in one place! Real-time support online or over the phone.