Dye sublimation slate

(Code: 28SLA15151)
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Dye sublimation slate
Dye sublimation slate
Dye sublimation slate sizes
Our range of dye sublimation printable photo slates. The slate panels are made from a natural sedimentary stone and specifically designed to frame and display full colour photographs in a unique and natural way.
Each piece of slate is handcrafted and features chiselled bevelled edges, the natural imperfections impart a natural elegance to the slate and make each piece unique.
The white, flat, matt surface of the slate is coated with a premium ORCA coating that will produce stunning transferred images with vivid colours and high definition.
Our photo slates come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes and are perfect for family photos, artwork, photography and more. These unique products are perfect for awards, home decor and obviously for photogifts.  
Each photo slate comes complete with black display stand feet and is supplied bubble wrapped in a brown cardboard box.  
Code Shape Size 100+ 20+ 1+
28SLA15151  Arch top 150 x 150mm 2.28 2.34  2.40
28SLR12222  Rectangle 220 x 120mm 2.61 2.68 2.75
28SLR15203 Rectangle 200 x 150mm 2.80 2.88 2.95
28SLR16304 Rectangle 300 x 160mm 3.57 3.66 3.75
28SLR20305 Rectangle 300 x 200mm 3.77 3.86 3.95
28SLS15156 Square 150 x 150mm 2,28 2.34 2.40
28SLS20207 Square 200 x 200mm 2,80 2.88 2.95
28SLV27368 Oval 360 x 270mm 5.26 5.38 5.50
Pressing instructions
These slate panels should be pressed face down in your heat press.

If you have a silicon mat this can be used underneath to ensure even pressure.

The arch top, 150 x 150mm, 220 x 120mm and 200 x 150mm panels should be pressed for 7 minutes at 200 centigrade and all other panels should be pressed for 8 minutes at 200 centigrade.

Ensure that you use a very good medium pressure so that you get a good consistent print over the ensure item.

The pressed item is very hot so you will need heat resistant gloves to handle the product when it is removed from the press.
Dye sublimation slate