ChromaLuxe maple natural wood plaque 203 x 203 mm

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Maple veneer wooden panels with a low gloss ChromaLuxe coating, bevelled edges and keyhole slots at the back. There are two keyhole slots to allow hanging the panels in portrait or landscape style (for the square tiles this means you can have the 'grain' running top to bottom or left to right).

Sublimation images are infused into the specially coated wood to provide the ultimate image clarity and vibrancy with exceptional detail and colour resolution.

ChromaLuxe wood panels offer a traditional option to display photographs and artwork, are extremely durable and offer scratch and abrasion resistance without hiding images behind glass. A perfect choice for both residential and business spaces.

Order Number 
 203 x 203 mm 

Pressing instructions
205 centigrade. Medium pressure. 110 seconds for smaller panels 203 x 254 mm and under and 120 seconds for larger panels. 

Minimize the bleed on the transfer to reduce dye-bleed on the sides of the panels. Do not place tape on the foil edges. We recommend that you use a transfer that covers the entire surface of the plaque to prevent any pressing marks on the surface of the plaque.