ChromaLuxe display panels

Chromaluxe dye sublimation printable MDF display panels. The Chromaluxe surface is the best surface we have ever seen for dye sublimation printing producing stunning results.

The hinged panels are supplied with brass hinges for easy assembly after pressing, the single panels have an attached easel stand and the wall panel has slots at the back for easy hanging.

All the panels have rounded corners with black edges and backing.

CHromaLuxe PDF

PDF overview of the various shapes and sizes of ChromaLuxe panels that are available in our range.

We also offer a range of ChromaLuxe Natural Wood print panels which make a great alternative to the standard panels. 

Chromaluxe multipart hinged panels
20UNI05873      Rectangular panels (2 panels)
Also available as a clock kit
178 x 127 mm (x2)
20UNI05863 Rectangular panels (2 panels)
127 x 178 mm (x1)
89 x 127 mm (x1)
20UNI04002 Rectangular panels (3 panels)
127 x 178 mm (x1)
89 x 127 mm (x2)
20UNI03086 Arch topped panels (2 panels)
100 x 130 (x2) 
20UNI05861 Arch topped panels (2 panels)
178 x 127 mm (x2)
20UNI05862 Arch topped panel (1 panel)
Takes hinges on both sides - use    
with 20UNI05861 to form a
three panel display
178 x 127 mm (x1)

Chromaluxe single panels with attached easel stand
20UNI05858 Single arch top panel
127 x 178 mm (x1)
20UNI05857 Single rectangular panel
127 x 178 mm (x1)
20UNI05859 Single rectangular panel
203 x 254 mm (x1)
20UNI05932 Single square panel
254 x 254 mm (x1)

Chromaluxe wall panel
20UNI05877 Chromaluxe wall panel
1.58 cm thickness
279 x 355 mm (x1)