Ceramic pet bowls

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Ceramic :
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Ceramic pet bowlsTwo ceramic bowls for dye sublimation printing. The larger bowl has a diameter of 18 cm and is ideal for use as a dog bowl or fruit bowl. The smaller bowl has a diameter of 15.5 cm and can be used as a cat bowl, for sweets, or, as suggested by one of our staff, a rabbit bowl!

Available by the box.

Both bowls can be printed in our halogen mug oven using our custom made wraps.

Order Number   Product
24LPB90001 Ceramic dog bowl 18 cm
Box of 12
24SPB90002 Ceramic cat bowl 15.5 cm  
Box of 24  

Pressing instructions
Pressing time for the larger bowl using a mug oven is around 14 minutes at 180c -190c. We recommend that the bowl is turned over halfway through the cooking time. 

The smaller bowl needs around 13-14 minutes at 180c -190c. Please bear in mind that the temperatures in halogen ovens can vary and these are guidelines only.