Ceramic pen pot

(Code: 24PPT02101 )
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Ceramic pen pot
A white ceramic pen pot for dye sublimation printing available in singles, 4 and 6 in mailing boxes and a box of 36.

The pots are 80 mm diameter and 95 mm high. They are dishwasher and microwave safe.

The single, 4 and 6 packs are supplied in our high quality mailing boxes which are suitable for re-use to ship the mugs to your customers.

Order number    Quantity  
24PPT02101 Single in box
24PPT02204 4 in mailing box  
24PPT02306 6 in mailing box
24PPT02436 Box of 36

Pressing instructions 
This item is suitable for pressing with our multi-function mug press using the appropriate element and the recommended timings. 

It is also suitable for pressing in any mug press that is suitable for a mug of this diameter.

As a general guide we suggest pressing this pen pot for slightly less time than you would use for a standard 80cm mug.