Canvas framing systems


ArtWrap is the new quick and easy way to make a deep framed canvas using just a pair of scissors and a stapler!

You will always have neat corners with no external folds. The extra rigid but lightweight board backing means your canvas will never sag. This is a very cost effective option compared to conventional canvas stretcher bars.

Your finished canvas can be wall mounted (portrait or landscape) using the integral hanging holes, but we recommend the optional backing board which gives a neater finish and provides both hanging holes (p or l) or the option to stand on a table or desk using the optional bracket stand.

The 8" x 8" and 8" x 12" backboard have slots for a bracket which turns the finished item into a free standing canvas. The larger backboards do not have slots for a bracket.

You can use either printed canvas or even heavyweight paper, we recommend our 300 gsm artist's canvas for dye sublimation printing which produces a superb result on this system.


Wunderbars Stretcher Bars are a revolutionary framing system for dye sublimation printed canvas wraps. This fast and simple solution for stretching canvas allows customers to stretch canvas with little or no experience and without the need for expensive canvas stretching tools.

The unique and patented stretcher bars ensure that regardless of the hanging environment, Wunderbars will always be under constant tension eliminating canvas rippling and sagging, regardless of humidity and temperature. Incredibly fast, Wunderbars go together square, so there's no need to repeatedly tap the stretcher bars together to get them square. Stretching canvas is simple too, just staple the canvas to the Wunderbars and pull the pins on the spring blocks. The stretcher bars do the stretching for you!

Available in a wide range of sizes and depths, Wunderbars Stretcher Bars is the solution that takes the stress out of canvas stretching. 

Switch frames are a new solution for wall art display where you can quickly and easily change the picture whilst leaving the frame on the wall and corner frames are another innovative range that allow you to produce framed canvas artwork that can fit in both inward and outward facing corners.