Candle/tealight holder

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Candle/tealight holderCeramic tealight/candle holders with dye sublimation printable sides and a recess at the top for a standard size tealight.

We have these tealight holders available in two sizes - 10 cm tall x 8 cm diameter and 5 cm tall x 8 cm diameter.

You can see our range of suitable wraps on our wrap page.

We also have tealights available at just 99p plus VAT for a pack of 12.

Order Number Product
24CHS02001 Small holder
24CHL01001 Large holder
90NTL99999 Tealight pack 12

Pressing instructions
This item is suitable for pressing with our multi-function mug press using the appropriate element and the recommended timings. 

It is also suitable for pressing in any mug press that is suitable for a item of this diameter.

Pressing time in a mug oven is around 16 minutes at 195 centigrade or the setting that you find works well for our standard Wycombe style mugs.

Please note that the candle holders are supplied with 3 plastic 'dots' on the bottom - these are not heatproof and will detach during the pressing process.
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