Badge Making

The beautifully engineered badge maker at the heart of our badge making system enables you to quickly and easily make a range of metal pin badges, bottle opener keyrings, fridge magnets (including one that doubles as a bottle opener), badge mirrors and even a clock. You can even make oblong badges and fridge magnets!

The economical cost of the comsumables means that you can produce a 37 mm metal pin badge for just 12p (plus the cost of your print) and a 56 mm metal pin badge for just 15p (plus the cost of your print) so there are excellent margins to be made from the badge maker.

We sell all elements of the system separately or you can take one of our starter packs which will quickly get you up and running making top quality metal badges.

Making a badge is a very quick and easy process, ideally suited to both 'one off' and production runs.  Just print out your design, cut out the circle or oblong from the printed sheet (we offer a single page paper cutter, a circle cutter that will cut up to 250 sheets at one time or, of course, you can use a cutter such as the Silhouette Cameo) and then make up the badge.

We supply full instructions are supplied for producing all items.