Aluminium shapes

(Code: 22SCT15001)
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Aluminium shapes
Our range of white coated aluminium shapes for dye sublimation printing.
The shapes are made from 0.5 mm thick aluminium and are available in two octagon and four arrow shapes.  

All shapes are suitable for printing on one side only.
When ordering please carefully check the minimum order quantities for your chosen item.
If you want stock size rectangular/square aluminium pieces or if you need some custom sizes then visit our Aluminium Sheet page.
Order Number Shape Size 1+
Minimum order 5+ pieces
22SCT15001 Octagon  15 x 15 cm   1.69
22SRW15061 Arrow
150 x 60 mm
22SRW25091 Arrow 250 x 90 mm 1.75
Minimum order of 10+ pieces
22SCT25002 Octagon 25 x 25 cm 2.95
22SRW35121 Arrow 355 x 120 mm 1.95
22SRW42141 Arrow 420 x 146 mm 2.95
Pressing instructions
50-60 seconds at around 190 centigrade. Medium pressure. Remove the clear protective sheet before pressing.  

Templates in .png format
Octagon 15 x 15 cm
Octagon 25 x 25 cm
Arrow 150 x 60 mm
Arrow 250 x 90 mm
Arrow 355 x 120 mm
Arrow 420 x 146 mm

  • Dye sublimation printable aluminium arrows
  • Dye sublimation printable aluminium hexagons