New products

25 Oct 2021
New products
We’re always looking to bring new products to our customers and you’ll have seen in recent weeks we’ve added a small range of sublimation slate to the site, we’ll be bringing much more of this in through 2022 and we’re also looking to add other sizes – please let us know if there’s a size you do particularly well with and we’ll do our best to add it!

Our big (and they are big) new products in our latest container are a range of yoga mats (they’re great for Pilates too we’re told!) and, although many of you won’t have the equipment to do an all-over print, an A3 ( or superA3) print at each end works really well – maybe the club or venue at one end and individual names at the other.

We’ve been asked about larger versions of the bowling pin bottles and we’ve added a 750ml version in both the white and silver options!

Finally ceramic tiles are very popular at the moment and we’ve added an 8” x 12”  version to our 3 square options.

The range of products available for sublimation has expanded massively since we’ve been in the business (it’s been 18 years now) and we’re always looking for interesting new products – if you have an idea for a product you’d like to be personalising – or maybe you’ve seen something on an overseas site but don’t want the hassle of importing yourself - give us a call – we’re always happy to discuss the options and see if we can help! 

Old friends back

8 Oct 2021
Old friends back
Like many of our competitors we’ve had some supply issues this year and coming into the busiest time of year we’ve been working hard to fill our warehouse so we can meet your requirements.

Mugs are a vital part of everyone’s Christmas business and every wholesaler in Europe has been having problems. We have a 40’ container of our popular Wycombe mugs arriving in November and we’re taking pre-orders for both pallet and box quantities – give us a call to reserve your stock now, we don’t think they’ll last long!

Our recent container deliveries have brought a few "old friends” back into our range.

Our ever popular bottle openers in 3 styles (waiter’s friend, bottle shaped and compact/keyring) have been in and out of stock through the year but we’ve got more of them in for Christmas 2021 than ever before and our pricing is very competitive.

We had huge success with our spray bottles but they’ve been difficult to source over the past year or so -  we’ve now secured good quantities of 2 sizes (500 and 600 ml) and again we believe they’ll prove winners as we move into the time of year when everyone’s being really careful about making sure their work surfaces, kitchens, etc, are kept germ-free.

This is a great time of year for sending "liquid gifts” and what bottle wouldn’t be enhanced by being presented in one of our canvas-style bottle totes?

We’ve also stocked up with our popular vacuum flasks, Java and travel mugs – great for keeping your drinks warm when you’re "on the go”!

Some special prices for Christmas!

7 Oct 2021


Price reductions

Glass chopping boards are a great seller over the Christmas season and we’re delighted to announce that we’ve just reduced our prices across all three of our options – whether it’s the large or small rectangles or the round you’ll see reductions of around 12-15% - and as an "early-bird special” we’ve got a few of our popular 40 box pallets of the large boards (that’s 480 boards) reduced to just £1750 + VAT.


We’ve found a new supplier for our stainless steel "bowling pin” bottles which has enabled us to reduce the price – and watch out for a bigger version coming very soon.

Let’s not forget our furry friends at Christmas – cases of our popular cat (24 per case) and dog (12 per case) bowls are at a special price at the moment! 

Our very popular square compact – always a popular "stocking filler” gift at Christmas is also at a new reduced prices

Finally don’t forget to stock up with paper as we come to the busiest time of the year – take advantage of our special multipack deals on A4, A3 and 13” x 19” Trupix paper. If you need 100 packs or more we can even improve on the multipack pricing!

New yoga mats, spray bottles and bowling pin bottles

6 Oct 2021
New yoga mats, spray bottles and bowling pin bottles For October we've got three new dye sublimation products for you. 

First up are some premium quality yoga mats with a sublimation printable suede surface and a rubber non stick backing. We anticipate these being very popular as special Christmas presents.

We also have our white spray bottles back in stock, these have always been a popular line for us and we now have the bottles available in both 500ml and 600 ml sizes. Great for florists, plant lovers and for bug/bacteria zapping!

We have also added a larger size of our popular bowling pin bottles, we now have a larger 750ml bottle available in both silver and white.

Pen pots

4 Aug 2021

A nice new addition! A white ceramic pen pot for dye sublimation printing available in singles, 4 and 6 in mailing boxes and a box of 36.

The pots are 80 mm diameter and 95 mm high. They are dishwasher and microwave safe.

The single, 4 and 6 packs are supplied in our high quality mailing boxes which are suitable for reuse to ship the mugs to your customers.

Dye sublimation slate

2 Aug 2021
Dye sublimation slate

We now have a wide range of dye sublimation printable photo slates available at very competitive prices.
The slate panels are made from a natural sedimentary stone and specifically designed to frame and display full colour photographs in a unique and natural way.
Each piece of slate is handcrafted and features chiseled beveled edges, the natural imperfections impart a natural elegance to the slate and make each piece unique.
The white, flat, matt surface of the slate is coated with a premium ORCA coating that will produce stunning transferred images with vivid colours and high definition.
See the full range here.