Do you accept payment online?
We do not currently accept payment online. 

We realise that some of you would prefer the option to pay for your orders at the point when you place the online order with us but we believe that it is more cost effective for both us and you not to take payments online as this allows us to offer you the cheapest possible shipping costs for your order.

Most of our customers, particularly those who place smaller orders, prefer us to consider the carriage options available - once the order is picked and packed - to ascertain the most economical method for them.

With our range of well over 2,000 products, which can be ordered in any combination, there is no means available that could consider the range of sizes, shapes, weights and the range of possible addresses to which we send and assess the possible costs more accurately than we can do it once we know the precise weight and dimensions of the package(s).

Flat rate charges which are applied regardless of many of the factors which we consider will tend to be more expensive.

Our customers generally tell us that our carriage charges are very reasonable.

When you place an order online you will have the following options to select from -
  • Debit/credit card details already on file
  • Please telephone me for payment details
  • By cheque GB£
  • By bank transfer BACS GB£   
  • Invoice with order (by prior agreement only)