400 ml aluminium water bottle - special offer

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400 ml aluminium water bottle - special offer


We have a small stock of our standard silver finish 400ml water bottles available at a special price of £2.20 each. These bottles are usually £2.65 but these bottles do not have the additional lids which are normally supplied - they only have the carabiner tops (highlighted on the image). 

The bottles are suitable for pressing in suitable size mug presses.

All bottles are hand wash only and supplied in a white box.

Order Number  Colour 
21AWB40999 Silver
66 mm
400 ml

Pressing instructions
This item is suitable for pressing with our multi-function mug press using the appropriate element and the recommended timings. 

It is also suitable for pressing in any mug press that is suitable for a bottle of this diameter.

In our halogen mug oven using a wrap we suggest around 15 minutes at 190-200 centigrade. 

Avoid using too much pressure on the bottles to prevent them denting while being pressed. If you find that your images are paler than you would like always increase the time not the pressure.