SunAngel 32WB printer and consumables

The SunAngel 32WB printer has white and black toner and allows you to produce white prints onto dark garments. 

If you only want to produce white images onto black/dark coloured t-shirts then this is the only printer you will need.

You also have the flexibility of black toner in the printer should it be needed for some print jobs.

We have replacement toner cartridges and drum units for this printer.

This printer is supplied with a starter set of cartridges.

14LSP32111 SunAngel 32WB printer with starter carts
14LSC32106 SunAngel 'WM' white toner cart - 1500 prints
14LSC32107 SunAngel 'WY' white toner cart - 1500 prints
14LSC32888SunAngel 'BC' primer cart
14LSC32999SunAngel black toner cart - 2200 prints
14LSD32191SunAngel drum unit for 32WB printer - 8000 prints