SunAngel FAQ and video

What is the SunAngel Ultrabrite 4 laser media?

The two part SunAngel Ultrabrite 4 media has one transfer sheet which you print your design onto and then a second sheet which prepares the transfer sheet to be pressed onto your garment by adding a layer of hot melt adhesive over the white layer on your transfer.

Please note that Ultrabrite 4 media has now replaced the previous Halo paper which was offered with the SunAngel system.

What is the transfer time and temperature onto garments?

The Ultrabrite 4 media has a low transfer temperature of only 120 degrees C which allows a greater level of versatility, enabling users to transfer onto a wide range of materials.

What software do I need to use?

You can print with the SunAngel print system from whatever program you use to create your images, whether that is Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, or any other software which uses layers to create images. Layers will give you more flexibility when it comes to combining white and colour in one image but for a single colour white image you could even use Paint!

I'm confused! How do I print white?

Good question! The white toners sit in the slots reserved for the magenta and yellow toners in your printer. So to produce a 'white' print you convert the white elements of your design to a brick red colour - see our YouTubevideo to see this in operation. For reference the brick red colour is - Hexidecimal: #CC0000 RGB: R: 204 G: 0 B: 0 CMYK: C: 0% M: 100% Y: 100% K: 0% Pantone: 186C

Can I just buy SunAngel white cartridges and put them in my existing printer?

Unfortunately not, SunAngel have made technical modifications to each printer and corresponding drum unit to ensure optimum performance with the specially developed toners.

Will the SunAngel system work with a Mac?

Yes it will work with both Windows and Macs.