Polystyrene mug mailer

(Code: 39MBS00400)
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Polystyrene mug mailerA sturdy, Post Office approved, polystyrene mailer for shipping mugs  suitable for all standard 10 oz mugs including our Wycombe, Devon and glass mugs and for our money banks.

Please note.
Due to recent changes in carriage pricing which now take into account both the volume and weight of the consignment, we have had to substantially revise our pricing on individual boxes of styrenes. However we are able to maintain our pricing and offer competitive delivery charges on 4 and 8 box pallet "packages” which now offer a very cost-effective option.

Please note that orders for pallet deliveries MUST be received by 10.30 for same day dispatch.

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Box/pack rate
Single rate
39MBS00100 Polystyrene mug mailer - box of 100
39MBS00400 Polystyrene mug mailer - 4 x box of 100
Pallet delivery
39MBS00800 Polystyrene mug mailer - 8 x box of 100
Pallet delivery
39MBS00001 Polystyrene mug mailer - single