PictaLeather Galaxy flip cases

(Code: 37SGH15021)
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PictaLeather Galaxy flip casesPictaLeather flip cases for the Galaxy S4 and S5 with a high resolution personalisation area to the front with a soft touch hard case secured inside to protect the phone. The inner case is wrapped book style in a flip open PU leather cover and is lined with high grade microfibre. An elasticised strap ensures the cover remains secure when closed. 

Product code Description
37SGK15039 Galaxy S5
37SGH15021 Galaxy S4

Pressing instructions
Do not place the entire cover under the press, only the printable panel should be exposed to heat.

We recommend that you run a line of heat tape down the edge of the area alongside the printable cover so that you do not print directly onto the leather material of the cover.

Prepress the printable panel to remove any moisture in the material, attach your transfer and then press for 50-60 seconds at around 190 centigrade using medium-high pressure.