Money bank

(Code: 24MBK00101)
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Money bankCeramic money banks for dye sublimation printing with money slot at the top and a plastic stopper in the base.

Available in white and gold finish, the gold finish money bank also includes a white cardboard presentation box.Both measure 8 cm diameter by 9.3 cm high. Available in singles and by the case of 36. Suitable for pressing in standard mug presses and in a mug oven using a 8 cm mug wrap

Order Number Colour Size
24MBK00101 White 8 cm diameter x 9.3 cm high
24MBK00199 Gold 8 cm diameter x 9.3 cm high

Pressing instructions
This item is suitable for pressing with our multi-function mug press using the appropriate element and the recommended timings. 

It is also suitable for heat pressing in a standard heat press or using a standard 8 cm mug wrap in a mug oven.

Recommended pressing time in the Europa mug press is 3 minutes at 200 centigrade. For other mug presses we suggest the same pressing times that are used for standard mugs. Pressing time in a mug oven is around 16 minutes at 200 centigrade or the setting that you find works well for standard Wycombe style mugs.

Ensure that you remove the plastic stopper in the bottom of the bank before pressing!