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SmartCut Pro 2.0

SmartCut Pro 2 softwareSmartCut Pro 2.0 is the latest version of the SmartCut Pro cutting and vectorisation software. This new version of the software now includes powerful design and production tools for the creation of rhinestone heat transfers.

SmartCut Pro 2.0 is the ideal solution for creating rhinestone heat transfer stencils with a vinyl cutter, rotary or laser engraver. The software is fully integrated with Stone Stencils volume I, an art collection of rhinestone patterns and fonts. This easy to use and powerful rhinestone design software is included in your Stone Stencil package.

Rhinestone Production Features

  • Convert vector outlines to rhinestone patterns with circles anchored at each intersecting point.
  • Patterns can be distributed on an outline by distance or a specific number of stones.
  • Stones can be budgeted by specifying a specific number of stones.
  • Automatically calculate the number of stones in a design by size or color to produce cost estimates.
  • Control stone diameter, spacing and offset from vector outline.
  • Can also be used as a powerful cutting package for cutting garment vinyls, flock and films.

The software is very easy to use and comes complete with a detailed instruction manual and extensive training videos. There are also weekly webinars from the designers of the software.

The videos below will give you an overview of just how simple making superb rhinestone and rhinestud designs can be.

Editing vector files with SmartCut Pro
Making multi coloured rhinestone designs using SmartCut Pro
Editing vectors
Tutorial on editing vector files and converting into rhinestone designs.


Logo patterns
Making a multi-coloured rhinestone design from a vector logo design.

Multi decoration rhinestone designs using SmartCut Pro
Making an inline/outline rhinestone design using SmartCut Pro

Multi decoration
Multi decoration designs using garment films and rhinestones to make finished designs.

 Outline effects
Making an inline/outline design in rhinestones using SmartCut Pro.

Rhinestone font designs using Stone Stencil fonts
Producing rhinestone designs from single line engraving fonts
Rhinestone fonts
Making a design using rhinestone fonts from Stone Stencils One.

 Single line fonts
Producing rhinestone designs using the single line engraving fonts supplied with the Stone Stencil system.

Vectorising images and producing rhinestone designs using SmartCut Pro
Producing samples for customer presentations
Vectorising images
How to vectorise a bitmap image and convert it into a rhinestone design.

 Virtual samples
Creating virtual samples for presentation to customers (including using the optional Smart Design X4 software).

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