Sawgrass Virtuoso new print manager

11 Apr 2017
Sawgrass have recently announced an upgrade to the print manager for CreativeStudio - the Virtuoso Print Manager. If you have a Virtuoso printer this is available as a free upgrade on the Sawgrass website - for more information on the upgrade see our blog post.

New Unisub pendants

1 Mar 2017
Unisub pendantNew for spring we have a range of lovely silver-style Unisub pendants supplied with dye sublimation printable aluminium inserts.

The pendants are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and are already proving to be very popular with our customers.

See the new range now!

ArtWrap - quick and easy canvas framing

20 Dec 2016


ArtWrap is the new quick and easy way to make a deep framed canvas using just a pair of scissors and a stapler!

You will always have neat corners with no external folds. The extra rigid but lightweight board backing means your canvas will never sag. This is a very cost effective option compared to conventional canvas stretcher bars.

Your finished canvas can be wall mounted (portrait or landscape) using the integral hanging holes, but we recommend the optional backing board which gives a neater finish and provides both hanging holes (p or l) or the option to stand on a table or desk using the optional bracket stand.

The 8" x 8" and 8" x 12" backboard have slots for a bracket which turns the finished item into a free standing canvas. The larger size backboards does not have slots for a bracket.

You can use either printed canvas or even heavyweight paper, we recommend our 300 gsm artist's canvas for dye sublimation printing which produces a superb result on this system.

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Christmas specials

16 Nov 2016
Christmas specialsWe have some special purchases for you this Christmas.

Firstly some fun dye sublimation printable Santa mugs which are offering for just £33.00 per box of 36 (plus VAT and shipping).

We also have limited stock of some very nice quality bone china mugs which are available for £55.00 for a box of 36 (plus VAT and shipping).

We have a special purchase of some beautiful quality PictaLeather photo frames which have a black leather style surround and the printable insert made from dye sublimation printable PictaLeather. These are available in two sizes, can be used either portrait or landscape and are only available while stocks last.

Finally we have some very good value zipped laptop/tablet sleeves for dye sublimation printing. All three sizes have a white neoprene front for printing, a black border and a black back.

News update

3 Oct 2016
News update
With Christmas fast approaching we want to update you about some new products.
We have just introduced a new range of top quality European made cardboard jigsaw puzzles which come in a range of sizes from 15 x 20 cm (60 piece) all the way up to 44 x 68 cm (1,000 piece). These new puzzles are excellent value and they are in stock now for immediate dispatch.
We have offered our badge making system for some while now but we have recently added the option of making rectangular pin badges and fridge magnets. Our badge making system is very easy to use and is a proven money maker, if you want an overview have a look here
Finally - our Christmas critter 'Berry Bear' was not available last year but he is now - in both standard and giant sizes. If you are looking for a special Christmas bear then look no further!
If you want any more information on these or any of our other products then do give us a call on 01404 892995.

Price increases

11 Aug 2016
As you will be aware, since the recent referendum economic uncertainty has meant that the value of Sterling has declined very sharply. You will also be aware that most products for sublimation and garment decoration are manufactured abroad and hence we buy them (according to source) either in US dollars or Euros – and of the products made in the UK nearly all are made from imported raw materials which are subject to the same influences – and therefore our cost prices in £ are in many cases (at the point of writing) 20% or more higher than they were at the end of last year.

Obviously we will have to pass on much of this cost to you, our customers. We appreciate that many of you are already anticipating a poor second half of the year as a result of the economic turmoil and this is the last news you need at present. We are currently negotiating with all our major suppliers to reduce our cost prices wherever we can, and have made some cost savings and streamlined some of our processes, and therefore we will minimise the increases wherever possible. Fortunately we do also hold substantial stocks of some products so we will be able to delay increases for some months in a number of cases.

We will introduce these increases only when strictly necessary and because of the size of our range this will mean that you will see increases in some of the products you purchase appearing week by week over the coming months and we will not be able to publish a newsletter every time we change a price, so we would ask you to take careful note of our website where the pricing will be maintained accurately and you will always be invoiced the price shown on the site at the point at which you place your order!  Obviously we will keep a close eye on the situation and if sterling recovers we will reduce prices accordingly.

With Christmas coming we are conscious that many of you will be preparing catalogues, website specials etc. If you have a particular product that you anticipate needing in substantial quantities for Christmas we would urge you to contact us as soon as possible and we will do our best to fix a price – even if you don’t need delivery till October/November.