11oz WOW colour change mugs

(Code: 21CCR36202)
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11oz WOW colour change mugs
  • 11oz WOW colour change mugs
  • 11oz WOW colour change mugs
WOW colour change 11 oz ceramic mugs for dye sublimation printing. When cold the mugs are black, red or blue - when you add boiling water the colour disappears!

The mugs have a diameter of 80 mm and are 9 cm high. They are available in boxes of 36 of a single colour or in a mixed box with 12 each of black, blue and red.

Hand wash recommended.

Order Number 
21CCK36101 Black
21CCR36202 Red
21CCB36303 Blue
21CCA36999 Mixed

Pressing instructions
These mugs are suitable for pressing with our multi-function mug press using the appropriate element and the recommended timings. 

Pressing time using our mug wraps in a conventional/mug oven is around 15 minutes at 190-200 centigrade however mug ovens can vary and this is only a general guideline.